“Care2Support is committed to the professional development of our employees. We recognize that investing in the skills and knowledge of our workforce is essential for the success of our business.

To support this commitment, we have established the following professional development policy:

  1. We will provide employees with the opportunity to participate in training and development programs that are relevant to their roles and career goals.
  2. We will encourage employees to take ownership of their own professional development by setting personal development goals and seeking out learning opportunities.
  3. We will support the participation of employees in external training and professional development programs, subject to business needs and availability of funding.
  4. We will provide employees with the necessary resources and support to facilitate their professional development, including time off for training and access to learning materials.
  5. We will regularly review and update our professional development offerings to ensure that they are aligned with business needs and employee career aspirations.

We are committed to the ongoing development of our workforce and the cultivation of a learning culture within the organization.”

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